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making news on this monday, july 26th. >> secrets revealed. years of top secret documents about the afghan war leaked to the media. could it help the insurgency. pink slip, bp's top ceo is about to be shown the door with an american to take his place. and fiasco when something goes very wrong. good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday. one of the biggest leaks in military documents in u.s. history threaten to undermine support pour the war in
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afghanistan. >> more than 90,000 documents leaked to a whistle-blower site than official records have ever portrayed. >> this morning, the white house and pentagon are in damage control mode. nick schifrin is in kabul. we begin with john hendren in washington. >> reporter: good morning. most of the tens of thousands of documents are what's called raw intelligence submitted by junior officers. but u.s. intelligence, as well as everyone else are now sifting through them. this flood of documents was written through january 2004 to january 2009. underfunded and undersupported, despite a taliban insurgency at that growing strongerer and fiercer. the white house immediately condemned the leak saying those conditions were exactly why the president announced a new
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strategy and a troop surge this year. still, the white house is struggling to stem the damage. >> it will create a lot of tension. the national security adviser just put out a release saying this thanes national security. there's a lot ever detail in this. not anything new. but listen to this, pakistan's military spy service has guide the u.s. insurgency. how a secret force hunts down taliban leaders for capture without trial. and now the u.s. has evidence that the taliban has acquired surface to air missiles. >> reporter: but they say these documents do not reflect the current reality on the ground. still, some members of congress say this information raises new questions about the u.s. commitment to pakistan and afghanistan. one more note, the website that put out this information says it has 15,000 more documents that it's determined may do more harm. vinita and rob? >> john hendren in washington, thank you.
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>> let's turn to nick schifrin in kabul. nick, what could the fallout from this leak be? >> reporter: i think as you heard martha say, the u.s. believes the fallout is pretty unequivocal. the national security adviser says it not only puts soldiers at risk, it threatens national security. speaking anonymously one is, quote, repulsed by it. it is putting soldiers' lives at risk. but there is a sense that there's nothing new. it may be the saving grace, despite this massive leak and unprecedented view into the afghan insurgency and pakistan. much of this is nothing new. we knew the difficulties the u.s. has had with the afghan taliban, in terms of it getting stronger. a lot of the documents simply
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display how strong they've become. the region may prove the most interesting reaction. as martha reported already, pakistan says it doesn't reveal the realities on ground. some pakistani officials on background are even more angry. they're questioning the timing of this leak and wonder if it's actually directed at them, given the media coverage is about pakistan's role in afghanistan. >> nick schifrin, live in kabul. there could be a major change at the top of the oil giant bp. reports here and overseas say ceo tony hayward will be replaced by american robert dudley as soon as today. lama hasan is joining us from london with the latest on these reports. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. this morning, bp is downplaying the speculation that tony hayward will be leaving the company, saying, quote, the final decision has been made on the matters.
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"financial times" says bp to seal hayward's fate. tony hayward has been the face of this oil spill. the head of bp and fronting the efforts in the cleanup operation, he quickly became public enemy number one for saying this. >> no one wants this thing over more than i do. i want my life back. >> reporter: and then seen on this yacht just weeks after the disaster. for residents in the gulf, the news of hayward's departure couldn't come any sooner. >> well, you know, he's gutten so many people upset with his comment. he's apologized for it. but people still have feelings about the whole situation. >> i don't think he was the right man for the job. i wish him well. we need to get this oil cleaned up, we need to get our life back. >> reporter: this is the man picked to take over for hayward, bob dudley from mississippi who has taken charge of the cleanup
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operations. >> bp probably could ensure that he leaves with a certain amount of dignity. and isn't being looked at being pushed around at will by american politicians. >> reporter: bp wants a new start and new strategy, today, they may very well get that chance if hayward resigns. tony hayward will not be leaving the company empty handed. it's estimate head will leave the company with a severance package of $8 million. well in the gulf, it is now day 98 of the spill and crews are heading back to work as the weather clears. the head of the u.s. spill response said a static kill operation to plug the well with heavy drilling mud and possibly cement could start in three to five days. tropical storm bonnie forced ships fighting the spill to pull out. the crews returned quickly sunday as the storm broke apart. extreme summer storms are wreaking havoc across the country.
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in the nation's capital, hundreds of thousands of people are without electricity this morning after violent thunderstorms tore through the d.c. area. drenching rain and strong winds knocked out power lines and damaged dozens of transformers. the destruction there is so widespread, officials can not say just yet when power will be fully restored. that vicious storm is blamed for the death of a maryland woman driving a minivan. she was caught by surprise when a powerful wind uprooted a tree and crushed her to death. and a dam break estimates well into the millions of dollars and the threat from surging water is not over. the river is expected to crest today at a record high of more than 32 feet. it is time now for this morning's weather from around the nation. stormy, with gusty winds and flash flooding from the carolinas down to florida. also in tennessee, arkansas and
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mississippi. showers and thunderstorms in louisiana and texas. 80-mile-an-hour winds, large hail and isolated tornados in north dakota and northern minnesota. >> meanwhile, 91 in fargo. 87 in minneapolis. 90 in kansas city. nearly 90 here in the big apple. 94 in atlanta. 91 in miami. 80s from seattle down to sacramento. phoenix hits 106. salt lake city 99, boise, 94. ahead on this monday morning, a truly unbelievable medical mix-up. a young woman thought to have died in a car crash is identified among survivors from a family planning a funeral. and a weekend fireworks show goes horribly wrong. we'll be right back.
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wall street is all about corporate earnings this week. investors will look to build on a strong start to earning season which helped lift wall street last week. profits have been blooming so far with eight out of ten companies reporting better than expected results that helped send the dow up 326 points. the nasdaq jumped 90 points. stocks are rising, tokyo's nikkei average climbed and london opened slightly hire. hugo chavez is threatening to cut off oil sales to the u.s.
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chavez says he'll stop the flow of oil if his company is attacked. the u.s. is the biggest buyer of venezuelan oil, if chavez carries out the threat it will whully about a huge blow to the economy. burger king is adding something new. a kid's meal, egg and cheese slices, apple slices and a toy. burger king wants a bigger piece of the fast food market which right now is dominated by mcdonald's. at the movies, it was lee nard deversus angelina. with another $43 million in ticket sales. the jolie spy thriller "salt" opens in second. "despicable me" finished in third place. when when we come back, the tragedy for two families after a horrific crash.
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the families my authorities mixs of one who lived and one
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at least two deaths are being blamed on a fast moving storm that ripped through the northeast. hurricane-force winds and heavy wind battered the area yesterday uprooting trees here in new york city. more than 3,000 people lost power from new york down to washington, d.c. >> those storms pushed farther south triggering flooding from i-95 from raleigh to jacksonville. flooding on i-20 from atlanta to birmingham. i-10 from tallahassee to new orleans. wet from colorado and arizona. >> if you're flying expect airport delays in memphis,
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dallas, houston, new orleans and atlanta. two families are reeling from a stunning case of mistaken identity. a funeral service for abby guerra will not take place. that is, a week after she was declared dead in a car accident, it turns out she's alive. >> but in a tragic twist, the family of marlena cantu are suffering in grief. as it turns out, marlena is the one who actually died in the crash-bill weir has the story. >> reporter: the college sophomore and four friends were in a car accident. the family of abby was told she died at the scene. the funeral was scheduled. but stunning news, abby is alive and in the hospital. her family and friends held a car wash to pay for funeral expenses. but now that money will be used for her medical care. >> we're all angry at the
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situation. i mean, this is a week that we could have been at her side and telling her to fight. maybe it would have given her more strength. >> reporter: abby remains in very critical officials. officials had to use dental records to positivitily identify her. bill weir, abc news. >> marlena's family is now making funeral plans instead of praying for her quick recovery. investigators in salt lake city of looking into a fireworks mishap. the frightening explosions were caught on camera as hundreds of people ran for safety. a fire spokesman called it a catastrophe. the damage could have been more disastrous. ten people were hurt though none seriously. the tv show "jersey shore" of course is a big hit with millions of fans but the governor of new jersey, well, he's not amused.
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governor chris christie told jake tapper that the show is not good. >> mtv's jt jersey shore" positive for new jersey in which or negative? >> what it does is take a bunch of new yorkers, drops them at the jersey shore, tries to make america feel like this is new jersey. it's a beautiful place. we've got another six weeks or so of summer left. come to new jersey. >> governor certainly was not the only critic of the show. many italian-american groups have panned the show as offensive. in sports, alberto contador road into the tour de france. meanwhile, seven-time champion lance armstrong finished 23rd, competing for the last time. for other highlights, kevin connors at espn news. good morning, historic sunday in indianapolis. we take you to the brickyard for the action. pole sitter juan pablo montoya
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getting focused for the brickyard 400. jimmie johnson both eyeing their fifth brickyard victory. first lap of the race turned to kyle busch, flipped sam hornish jr. from behind, where there's smoke, there's generally a pileup. seven cars. busch would finish eighth, hornish, 30th. 40 left to go, while pitting during the fourth caution, jimmie johnson ran into the back of bill elliott. johnson would receive treatment under the hood. and finish 26th. 23 laps to go after a caution, juan pablo montoya and jamie mcmurray both pit. montoya ta murray takes two tires, montoya, four. mcmurray leads it down the stretch. there would be no catching the man in the bass shop chevrolet.
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he would take the checkered flag and pucker up. kiss the bricks. the second win of the season, step up and finish. baseball, alex rodriguez, one home run shy of .600, taking on the royals. bottom three, that's not number 600. that is a career rbi, 17, 83 and 4, all-time on the list. a-rod did not go deep. bottom of the eighth, scary moment, hit on the hand by blake wood. a-rod would leave the game but said he will be in the lineup on monday in cleveland. yankees win it by a final of 12-6. i'm kevin connors. that's your look at sports. back to you in new york. a pretty cool story here. a massive message in a bottle has sailed at cause ail tra yaes sydney harbor. a boat made of 12,000 plastic bottles was completed. >> the plasticky lived in a
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cabin 20 feet by 15 feet during the long journey. the boat is fully recyclable and powered in part by solar panels and windmills. you can't tell by looking at it. up next, the stories we'll be following on this monday morning. we'll be right back. tween teeth, in places you can't even see? aquafresh iso-active whitening is a breakthrough gel that transforms into an active foam. its active fluoride formula penetrates deep, surrounding and protecting the whole tooth against cavities -- front, back and in-between. for strong, healthy teeth for a lifetime, try triple protection iso-active whitening from aquafresh. amazing.
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thousands of secret military documents that have been leaked to the media. the documents are mostly intelligence reports on the war in afghanistan from 2004 through 2009. >> nato officials in afghanistan now say they have recovered the suv in which two u.s. navy servicemen went missing on friday. the taliban is taking responsibility for the ambush and says one of the men has died. president obama commemorates the 20th anniversary of americans with disabilities act. mr. obama is expected to push for strengthening and better enforcing that land mark law. closing arguments are expected to get under way in the corruption trial of rod blagojevi blagojevich. and parts of the northeast have a big cleanup job on their hands after getting battered by severe weather that killed at least two peoples. the winds uprooted trees and power lines from new york to the washington area leaving more
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morning, a childhood staple on the verge of falling prey to an unstoppable villain. >> comic book fans across the globe gathered in san diego for the annual comic-conconvention this weekend, posing a major threat to the future of the industry. here's stephanie sy. >> reporter: no longer a geeky gathering for comic fans, today, comic con is a star-studded sold-out event. this year, behind the costumes and movie previews is a serious debated about what will happen to the book in comic books. the new wave of comic consumption just like in movies and books before it is going digital. e-book readers, smartphones and the ipad are promising to revolutionize the industry. >> digital enables a whole new audience to experience comic books that haven't been able to have access to them before.
4:59 am
>> reporter: the much buzz about comic books that came out with the ipad is supposed to feel like reading a full-size comic book. >> comic books look fantastic. you take one look and seal how the colors pop off the screen. digital enhances it because it enhances the artists. >> reporter: companies are going one step farther, creating motion comics that brings superheroes to life. old school enthusiasts believe digital comics are the evil nemesis to the beloved comic stores. >> and you kind of pick up the whole community into reading comic books. >> reporter: the purists point out, you can't trade or collect digital comics. >> your ipad's not going to go up in value if you download the first "spider-man" on it. >> reporter: but with more sense of techies, digital comic books seem like a natural progress

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